April Koh - Korean Marketing Lead

What does your role entail?

Simply put, I look after all the digital marketing activities related to the Korean market, managing teams based in both London and Seoul. I develop the digital marketing strategies for clients advertising in the Korean market, managing the key client account relations and developing new business opportunities for the market.


What are the challenges of your role?

Korean digital marketing is different from Western marketing and is constantly changing, so it is challenging to stay up to date on all the latest technologies and marketing opportunities.


A breakdown of the different marketing opportunities available on Naver, Korea's most popular search engine.


Managing, coordinating and training teams on opposite sides of the planet also keeps me on my toes. Overall the challenges keep my job interesting and overcoming them is very rewarding.  


What skills are necessary to perform well in your job?

The most important skills are managing time and prioritizing tasks. Basically I need to be very organised, because there is always lots of things going on, with numerous deadlines on multiple projects. Managing workflow to meet the expectations of several stakeholders is very important to me. It also helps to know a little bit about marketing!


What do you like most about Forward3D’s culture?

I love Forward3D's culture; we work hard and we play hard! I am constantly surrounded by brilliant hard-working professionals, who are great at what they do. They are lots  fun to work with, and even more fun after work.


 Forward3D staff at the agency's Christmas Party

Forward3D staff at the agency's Christmas Party


What drew you towards digital marketing?

The balance between science and art in digital marketing has always drawn me towards it. I love the scientific side and being able to understand people and analyse their behaviour through statistical data. I love the creative side of developing and testing new ideas, campaigns, and technologies and I knew that digital was going to be the future of marketing.

What do you like most about your team?

My team is very proactive about their self improvement, and it’s clear that they enjoy what they do. Most importantly they share what they learn with each other.

How does Forward3D’s technology make your job easier?

Forward3D's technology automates a lot of manual tasks, which makes it much easier for me to manage projects, teams, campaigns and other deliverables, for multiple clients and across teams based in two continents. This allows me to spend more time analysing data and improving the effectiveness of ongoing projects.

How would you sum up your job in 5 words?

Fun people and exciting challenges.