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Baidu, China’s largest search and technology platform has launched their official accredited certification in Europe.



Forward3D, Baidu’s authorised global agency partner, will be the sole provider of training and certification for Baidu in Europe.




The Training Experience


Taught by industry experts from leading global digital performance marketing agency, Forward3D and professional lecturers from Baidu, our courses take the form of:

  • Single training days
  • One week intensive training courses 
  • Bespoke client/agency training courses

These courses will be held in Forward3D’s main office and training centre in London, as well as a number of locations across Europe.


Who is it for?


These courses and accreditations are designed for all digital marketing professionals who currently or intend to operate and run campaigns within the Chinese market.

They are also relevant for graduates and anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of Baidu tools and services, or leading technology and search engine marketing in China.