Barbara Kramp - Senior Analyst, PPC



What does your role entail?


On a day-to-day basis I plan and manage PPC campaigns in close collaboration with our clients. This means using different kinds of pay-per-click activity to get the best possible results for a given budget. We manage PPC campaigns in over 20 countries, which means my languages can often come in handy.  Apart from my native German, I am also fluent in English and French and half fluent in Spanish. I also tend to get the gist of languages closely related to any of these such as Dutch and Italian without actually speaking them. While I deal with numbers a lot in my day to day activities, social skills are very important for client communication as well as training more junior members of the team.



Describe your career path at Forward3D.


I joined the company in 2012 as a linguistics analyst for Locaria, the full service international digital marketing agency affiliated with the Forward Group - basically taking care of all things German for our clients: Localisation, PPC and small SEO tasks. But as Forward3D has grown and diversified, I started working more on PPC and finally joined the PPC department full time.



When you graduated from University, did you know that you wanted to work in digital?

I have a BA in European Media Culture and a Masters in European Studies, and before coming to London I had done a few internships in PR - obviously not exactly the same but a lot of the skills I picked up were transferable. When I first joined the company it was more for my languages, but I have enjoyed the challenges of PPC and slowly gravitated to that.



What’s the coolest thing you’ve done in your job recently?

We recently visited a major fashion client in Florence, which was a lot of fun and useful to meet the people face-to-face with whom we have worked closely for a long time. We have also just taken on a new client in a totally different industry. Building up their campaigns from scratch and finding solutions for their very different needs is a very interesting challenge. There is always something new to learn.



What advice would you give to a budding PPC Analyst?

I definitely wish my Excel skills had been more up to scratch before I started. But it's nothing you can't learn as you go - I was the proud recipient of an 'I love spreadsheets' mug last Christmas! I think enthusiasm and willingness to learn go a long way, and it is important to keep up with developments in the field.



What do you like most about your team?

They are just a really nice bunch to be around! We all get on well, and it makes for a good atmosphere in the office. I also like that it's such an international team - which makes for a very diverse cake rota every week.



What do you love most about working at Forward3D?

It's hard to pick a single thing. Of course we all work hard, but the vibe is still quite relaxed and friendly. There's room for personal development - the company focuses on your strengths and tries to put everyone in the position where they will be happiest.



What is the best company social you have attended and why?

The Christmas party springs to mind! This year we were at The Vaults in Waterloo and it was a very entertaining and magical evening. But we don't have to wait until the festive season! Socials go on throughout the year. Sadly I missed a couple - horse racing and zoo lates sounded a lot of fun. But I was right in my element for the Oktoberfest - the choice of music was questionable but the bratwurst and pretzels more than made up for it!



What do you get up to during your lunch breaks?

First up is the free lunch! There's always a range of interesting salads and sandwiches - although if nothing takes our fancy there is no shortage of places to eat aound Aldgate. We might also go for a stroll, just around the block or up to Spitalfields Market. Tuesday and Thursday are yoga days so you might find me attempting a headstand, and if I'm lucky I'll win a massage to go with it.



Tell us 3 random facts about yourself.


  1. When it comes to games I am extremely competitive! Beat me at Settlers of Catan at your peril...
  2. I climbed Mt. Teide - the tallest mountain in Spain - with tonsillitis. Not recommended!
  3. My special ability is judging volumes. I have an innate sense for how much food can fit in a tupperware box.

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