Richard Brosgill - Head of Forward3D APAC


What does your role entail?

In my role as Head of Forward3D APAC, I work with our in-house international teams. I help our clients enter new markets, grow across local search engines and expand into new channels, mainly focusing on the APAC region and Eastern Europe.



What are the challenges of your role?

Day to day I communicate and work a lot with our offices in Shanghai and Seoul, so the time difference is a big challenge!


What skills are necessary to perform well in your job?

You have to have an appreciation for different cultures and working styles. You also have to possess an eye for detail and the ability to recognise an opportunity for your clients.


What do you like most about Forward3D’s culture?

We’re given the freedom to drive the success of our clients' accounts how we feel is most effective. Forward3D isn’t restricted to specific working styles, so you can build your own process and develop your strategy, just as long as it helps your clients reach their targets.


What drew you towards digital marketing?

Digital allows businesses to really measure their efforts. The fact that I get to see the impact we are having really drives me.


What do you like most about your team?

The diversity. My teams include people from all over the world - from London to Beijing and St. Petersburg to Tokyo...


How does Forward3D’s technology make your job easier?

Working with teams around the world can make communication and task management difficult. Our Cardwall system helps provide full visibility on which tasks people are working on and allows for effective re-prioritisation of jobs, ensuring that everyone from New York to Shanghai can pick up a task and know what stage it’s at.


 Forward3D Analysts Using Cardwall

Forward3D Analysts Using Cardwall



How would you sum up your job in 5 words?

I don’t think I can answer in five words. Forward3D is International, Client Focused, Data Driven, Dynamic and Varied.

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