Tim Hawes - Content Manager, SEO

Tim Hawes Forward3d

What does your role entail?

As an SEO/Content Manager, my role has a few different aspects.

Firstly, I'm charged with formulating and executing campaigns for our clients, to try and gain coverage, links and visibility. This ranges from drafting surveys to brainstorming a large creative idea or writing an in-depth article, which my team and I will then try to get placed on influential and relevant sites.

I also conduct analyses and create documents that report on campaign successes, audit competitors and also evaluate our clients' sites for potential problems.

What are the challenges of your role?

Trying to keep up with how SEO is changing can be quite difficult. Tactics quickly become outdated and so we have to respond by making cool stuff, like these infographics we created for Andrews Sykes and New Look for instance.


 Andrews Sykes: Worldwide Heat Map

Andrews Sykes: Worldwide Heat Map

 New Look: The Evolution of Festival Fashion

New Look: The Evolution of Festival Fashion

What skills are necessary to perform well in your job?

You need to be persistent. If you encounter roadblocks to progress or you're struggling to think of an idea that fits the client, it can be tempting to take a shortcut. This just isn't an option though when you have to deliver both short and long-term results. It pays to be creative; some diagonal thinking is useful when you want to think of an interesting slant to deliver results.

What do you like most about Forward3D’s culture?

The sense of collaboration is quite refreshing, as well as the open communication that goes on between teams and within them. That and Ping-Pong. Is Ping-Pong cultural?

What drew you towards digital marketing?

I studied Advertising and Marketing at Bournemouth, plus I "used to" be a bit of a nerd so it seemed like a pretty good fit. Honestly, I wanted the chance to have a career that focused on ideas, and creating funny or engaging content for a living seemed like a pretty good deal.

What do you like most about your team?

The best thing about my immediate team is the collaborative nature and the camaraderie, it's ideal to have a team you enjoy working with, we all get along and even compete together at the Forward 5-a-side football every Monday. As far as the wider SEO team goes, the breadth of knowledge is a great thing to tap into.


How would you sum up your job in 5 words?

Creative, varied, proactive, collaborative, communicative.

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