Our Objective


Fashion is a constantly evolving industry, with seasonal peaks and large scale trends that shape consumer interests and online searches. 


When New Look identified that Kimonos were set to become a hot trend in UK fashion, we set out to support them in becoming market leaders. 


What was achieved?


According to UK Google Trends data, ‘new look kimonos’ was the 3rd most used kimono search term over the last 12 months, demonstrating the level of success that New Look enjoyed in building brand association with this on-trend product. 

NL Kimono search trend-min.png


Having identified the Kimono trend early, New Look PPC traffic actually grew at a faster rate than the overall interest growth in May 2014. This displayed the successful optimisation and brand building that would allow New Look to benefit from the peak in interest that occurred over the Summer months. 


New Look’s PPC impression share also gained the dominant position during the most lucrative period of heightened Summer interest in Kimonos.



In terms of organic search: 

  • For keywords related to "Floral" and "Long" Kimonos, New Look improved ranking from position 18 to 5, with an average search volume of 8,200 per month.
  • For Kimono "Tops", "Dresses" and "Cardigans", ranking improved from position 6 to 3, with an average search volume of 14,500 per month.
  • For Kimono "Jackets", ranking improved from position 4 to 1, with an average search volume of 19,000 per month.
  • For keywords related to Kimonos in general, ranking improved from position 4 to 2, with an average search volume of 116,000 per month.