Our aim was to provide New Look customers  with inspiration on how to dress for the 2013 and 2014 festival seasons, as well as generate additional traffic from consumers with an interest in music and fashion.


We wanted to create online discussion by tracing the evolution of music festivals, identifying key influencers and linking them with their impact on the fashion industry. In collaboration with New Look, we would take iconic music genres and festivals, and link them to the epochal fashion trends that will shape the popular looks at this summer’s festivals. 


We felt that the best medium to achieve this, was through an interactive tool that allowed consumers to navigate either chronologically, or by skipping to their favourite eras, fashions and festivals. 


The concept


Leading up to the music festival season, a period in which fashion’s interaction with music is often under discussion, we wanted to help New Look customers engage with the subject. In terms of a timeframe, we decided to use 1969 as our start date. Not only a key year in counter-cultural movements and music festivals, but also the year of New Look’s founding. By highlighting this chronologically, we would be able to demonstrate the symbiotic relationship that fashion, specific music genres and festivals have built over time. 


The ultimate goal of the project was to invite people to discuss which clothes they should wear to upcoming festivals, and to place New Look as a key participant in that conversation. 


In terms of SEO specific benefits, there were several advantages, including:

  • We would generate organic shares and links from interested bloggers as the festival season approaches.
  • All shares would be directed to the New Look Daily blog.
  • We would generate internal linking from the New Look Daily blog to relevant products on the main site, which will pass on authority throughout the site, and support existing link building activities.
  • We would generate activity across social media platforms, a key method of distributing and broadening access to the content. 
  • We would provide links and direct traffic onto relevant New Look product pages.