Our Objective

Locaria was tasked with expanding and improving existing paid search activity in France and Germany for a multibrand, luxury fashion retailer. 


Legacy campaigns that had been directly translated from English were inherited from a previous agency. We aimed to improve performance by replacing the legacy campaigns with new campaigns created from scratch (or ‘originated’) in French and German.


Ad copy that has been simply translated from another language will not perform as well as campaigns that include copy that has been created from scratch with the target market specifically in mind. Rather than focusing on how closely ad copy resembles English, the emphasis should be on how it reads to native speakers, as well as how well it communicates the USPs of individual brands and products in that particular market. 


Forward3D was tasked with generating incremental revenue, maintaining existing profitability and using the data resulting from new campaigns to dictate strategy moving forward. 


Key Achievements



While France had originally been the primary market for our client’s expansion, the results from our campaigns convinced them that Germany actually offered a larger opportunity. 


Over a 2 month period, our originated campaigns surpassed the performance of the previously localised campaigns, helping to drive 91% more visits to the brand website, and increasing the number of new buyers and visitors by 110% over this period. This highlighted the impact of the originated campaigns now that ad copy was more relevant to its target audience.