Andrews Sykes Case Study: How hot is it in Brazil right now? 

Andrews Sykes wanted to create a relevant and topical infographic to coincide with the 2014 World Cup.  


Our Objective


To boost website traffic and engagement with Andrews Sykes’ brand, with an interactive infographic that coincided with the 2014 World Cup. Our SEO team created an interactive map of Brazil that allowed users to click on each stadium location and find out the live local weather conditions, as well as key information on the star players of the teams playing in each location. 


The discussion over Brazilian weather conditions coincided with an extended period of hot weather in the UK, and so for an air conditioning provider, it provided an excellent opportunity to engage consumers. Already active in the football community with a sponsorship deal of Charlton Athletic, it was also likely that many football fans would already be familiar with the brand.  


The concept


One of the most talked about aspects of hosting a World Cup in Brazil was the hot and humid weather, and how it might impact on the performances of teams from other parts of the globe. The idea, developed by Forward3D’s SEO team, was to highlight the temperature differences between Brazilian cities and the countries that were set to play there. 

We pulled data from an API to stream live weather straight to the infographic for each location. The infographic provided prominent social share buttons, as well as the code required to easily embed it into another site. 


How we did it


Understanding the market


We understood how vital awareness and exposure would be for the success of this concept, so we conducted an outreach project for others to potentially host the infographic and to provide comment. We deliberately targeted popular blogs and websites with large readerships in order to have the maximum impact on traffic. 


We then searched for similar projects, and found that there was significant interest in a tool that was fully-interactive. Our next step was to locate an API that our developers could pull live data from. 




We populated the data from  a free-to-use API that allowed us to provide the local temperature and humidity, as well as the corresponding information of the nations competing in that location. 


We also researched background information of the cities and stadiums that would host world cup games, in order to provide a brief summary. We then linked the venues to the teams who would play at least one game there, and provided information and statistics for one star player per team. 



With the information and data in place, the infographic was then designed and built by Forward3D’s development team and hosted on Andrews Sykes’ website.


In order to boost the page’s loading time, the developers created a local cache for the data to load onto, which pulled the live data from the API every ten minutes. When users loaded the infographic therefore, it could then instantly pull the data from the local cache, rather than slow the page down looking for it at the point of origin.


The campaign helped to increase referring traffic to Andrews Sykes’ site by 23% month on month.




We built an interactive infographic that engaged the football community and the wider public by providing topical content that was both relevant to the brand, and to  discussions surrounding the World Cup. In producing the graphic, we also overcame the potential pitfall of sluggish load times when attempting to pull live data, by using a local cache solution.  

The campaign helped to increase referring traffic to Andrews Sykes’ site by 23% month on month, in large part due to the attention that this piece received amongst dedicated football websites and blogs. Due to popular sites such as Caught Offside embedding the interactive, it also enjoyed an impressive cumulative amount of social media engagement and shares.