Our Objective


Given the scale of the market and ASOS’ relatively small presence in Russia at the time, our objective was to rapidly boost brand awareness among the identified target audience - Females, aged 18-29 and living in either Moscow or St Petersburg.


The more specific objective was to acquire 65K new fans on VK (Russia’s most-used social platform) via biddable fan acquisition activity within 4 months, at a specified (and tight) maximum cost per fan.


It was also expected that the rapid growth in the number of ASOS fans on VK would boost traffic to the website and overall sales in Russia.


Key Achievements


After 3 months, Forward3D had met the phase 1 target and delivered just over 65K fans at a cost of £0.66 per fan, which far outperformed the client’s expectations.


In the second phase, the big integration of social media into ASOS’ wider digital marketing goals, the results were also strong. 


Brand traffic from Yandex (Russia’s most popular search engine) increased by 75% over the same period, no doubt aided by the increased brand awareness from our social activity. Furthermore, assisted conversions measured from VK increased by 53% and assisted revenue also grew by 29%.


The combination of wide scale fan acquisition and commercial campaigns on VK placed ASOS in the minds of these new fans when shopping, and this was seen in the knock on impact in search behaviour that we observed.


Lastly, a short commercial campaign test, which ran for just over a week, delivered 41 direct transactions at 50% higher ROI and conversion rate than was seen in PPC search campaigns over that same period. 


Social is often classed as simply a branding channel in other markets, and yet we have consistently seen its direct selling potential in Russia.