Our Objectives


When managing paid search accounts, it’s important to build a detailed picture of all of the factors that can influence the behaviour of your target market. Businesses rarely function in a vacuum. While there will always be internal factors such as product or brand specifics, there will also be uncontrollable external factors that will increase or decrease purchase intent. 


Hilton Hotels often cater for international travellers, looking to book accommodation in a country that uses a different currency than their own. We took British travellers looking to book a hotel room in the United States as an audience to test a theory on.  


When exchange rates between the USD and GBP go through peaks and troughs, it effectively changes the cost of travel between these locations in real terms also hits the headlines. 


If the USD falls in comparison to the GBP it becomes increasingly affordable for UK travellers, whilst the opposite is also true. It stands to reason that this will impact on their decision making as consumers, and therefore how we should approach PPC bid strategy.