Our Objective

Locaria was tasked with supporting a UK-based luxury client with entry into the Chinese market. There was a significant opportunity to grow the client’s brand’s awareness and presence within the market through running Chinese language biddable activity across regional search and social platforms.


Our goal was to ensure the client’s strong presence across Chinese online marketing channels, generate incremental revenue and to keep profitability at a breakeven level.


What Was Achieved?

Our activity was spread across the client’s two brands. A tier 1 brand (premium luxury) and a tier 2 brand (affordable luxury). 


For the Tier 1 brand:


We launched and optimised PPC activities on Baidu, resulting in a huge increase in awareness. 


Over the first six months:


  • There was a 500% growth in visits to the brand website from China
  • The campaigns led to a 650% growth in conversions from China
  • The activity earned £116,920 in additional revenue


The results scaled considerably over the opening six month period across all top-line KPIs and the client’s senior management team considered the campaign a successful entry into the Chinese market. 



For the Tier 2 brand: 


Due to the brand’s comparatively low brand awareness at the outset of activity, Locaria employed a cross-channel growth strategy combining paid search on Baidu with social biddable campaigns on Weibo. 


  • Brand impressions across Baidu PPC increased by 68% over the period of activity - demonstrating a growth in awareness
  • Click through rate increased by 66% during the first month of activity
  • Weekly orders doubled from our campaigns after social biddable activity on Weibo was launched

As a result, brand impressions across all PPC campaigns had an uplift of 68% and CTR increased by 66% during the first month of biddable activity. The Social channel itself consistently delivered conversions week on week, and the number of weekly orders doubled during the time in which social biddable activity ran on Weibo.


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