How Did We Do It?


Expanding and optimising paid search (Baidu)


The first stage involved building Baidu PPC campaign structures and extending the keyword base to cover non-brand clusters such as designers and product generics. To carry out this expansion effectively, Locaria used statistical research on local platforms, combined with opportunity analysis and local market knowledge. This process enabled the prioritisation of campaign expansion, as well as identifying where the brand was missing opportunities to establish visibility. 


Baidu Brandzone activity was then introduced, a complimentary PPC product that advertisers can use to bid on their own branded search terms. Significant space is afforded on the results page for Brandzone, allowing advertisers to protect their brand terms from competitors and also maximise return. 


The consequent introduction of Shantou ad formats, which provide the ability to include a photo and product specifics such as price further boosted click through rates and visibility. 


An example of the Shantou ad format, displaying price and product information.




Locaria’s approach to social campaigns stems from the agile methodology employed by the agency across all biddable activity. Advanced settings were employed such as targeting by location, demographic, interests and competitors to provide a wide range of campaigns that could then be compared. Through mature analysis of the data generated from these campaigns and the interrogation of both historical and on-the-fly campaign performance, it was possible to make informed decisions as to how to use the budget available to achieve best performance moving forward. 


Baidu partnership


As a partner of Baidu, Locaria has advantageous conditions for testing new search products and ad formats. Baidu provides a dedicated account manager, who ensures that Locaria’s campaign implementation is a more streamlined process in terms of approval and moderation, as well as having questions answered and problems solved quickly where necessary. 




Locaria successfully supported a luxury retailer enter the mainland Chinese market through expanding their presence across biddable media on local search and social platforms.


Through the combination of the agency’s agile approach to biddable activity, local knowledge and its partnership with Baidu, Locaria drove success across all KPIs in building the brand’s presence and awareness.


Locaria was also able to successfully combine local search and social platforms to boost the brand awareness of the retailer’s secondary brand from a position of having no previous exposure in this market. 

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