Lovehoney Case Study. Staying Ahead of Industry Competitors.

Lovehoney wanted to maintain their industry-leading position through continuous optimisation and expansion of their paid search activity. 





There has traditionally been a restriction placed by Google on the extensions that can be used in AdWords activity for ‘non family safe’ advertisers. So when Google informed us there would be an exception, specifically allowing 'non family safe' advertisers' to introduce Callout Ad Extensions from a go-live date of the 18th August, 2014, we moved quickly to implement the format as seen below.

With Callout Ad Extensions also open to competitors from this date, we couldn’t have anticipated that we'd have a two month head start using them. Lovehoney enjoyed an account wide spike in Quality Score that reduced cost per clicks over this period and allowed us to spend our budget far more efficiently.


 “Forward3D show a commitment to continually improve, grow and refine our campaigns, and to test every feature available. Their close relationship with Google means that Lovehoney is the go-to-name for excellence and innovation within PPC.”


— Matthew Curry, Director of Ecommerce,

Lovehoney Group


What we noticed


Analysis of Lovehoney’s USA account showed that there was a noticeable spike in account wide quality score for 8 weeks from the 18th August (both for brand and generic keywords). However, there were no significant changes to click through rate or elsewhere that would account for the size of the spike. 



There are many factors that contribute to calculating an account’s Quality Score, and so we were keen to investigate what could have made such a significant impact, which we uncovered after an extensive analysis.


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