New Look Case Study. Why paying for Google Shopping is no bad thing.

New Look wanted us to set up Product Listing Ads in order to increase reach and improve engagement beyond standard text ads.


Our objective


We wanted to ensure that changes to Google’s shopping model didn’t affect revenue streams whilst delivering an acceptable ROI.


What was achieved?

  • A 24% increase in week-on-week revenue immediately after launch.
  • Month-on-month, overall paid traffic levels grew by 47%.
  • PPC Revenue grew by 68% and ROI improved by 40%.
  • The conversion rate of Google Shopping traffic grew by 36% year on year.

We transitioned PLAs to a paid model whilst

simultaneously improving revenue; Google Shopping

revenue increased year-on-year by 170%


“New Look has used Google Shopping with great success for over two years. When we heard the program was moving to a paid model we were very concerned about the impact on our business. We embraced the change, enhanced our product feed, and set up Product Listing Ads (PLAs) to ensure we maintained our Google Shopping listings.


The transition was very simple, and setting up and developing the PLAs was a straightforward process.  Most importantly, after a few months of running PLAs, we increased our online search visibility (thanks to the PLA’s more prominent position) while carefully controlling our ad spend.”


— Magdalena Sikora, 

Multi-Channel Marketing Manager at New Look


How did we do it?


At Forward3D we work AGILE. Therefore, it becomes necessary to take a counterintuitive approach - to think beyond the obvious. Traditionally, PLAs have been set up to target by category. We took an alternative approach and opted to target by value.

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