What Was Achieved?


After 3 days, a significant uplift in revenues and visits had already been measured, along with improved keyword rankings, which reached its peak one week after the initial redirections were put in place. After analysing over 10,000 keywords, Forward3D measured the number of keywords OOS product pages ranked for to have dropped by 15%, largely replaced by the category page URLs.


The number of keywords that category pages started ranking for improved by 11.19%. These consisted of rankings that were passed along from the out of stock products, as well as exposure to new keywords.
Within 9 days, these category pages gained 7.14% more visits and revenue figures improved by 4.5%. Top target pages (those with > 3,500 OOS product pages redirected to them) have improved their average order value by 4.62% and their conversion rate by 12.6%.



Overall, the OOS redirections have also had a positive impact on pre-existing keyword rankings. 12% of the keywords tracked have now entered the top 10 results, compared to only 3% of keywords which dropped from the top 10 results. 


66% of keywords that were already on the first page of results still improved in ranking by 1.64 positions. This compares to the remaining 18% of keywords that drifted in ranking (but still stayed on the first page) and dropped by only -1.38 positions on average.