Examples of Performance Linguistics


The Problem of Trademark Restrictions: 


Many online fashion retailers face the challenge of trademark restrictions in PPC for the brands they sell on their website. This effectively means that while they are allowed to bid on brand keywords, they can't actually use the brand names in the ad copy, resulting in lower relevance in the eyes of potential customers and less engagement.


Potential Solutions:


One way of circumventing this issue is to use abbreviated versions of the name, but this often leaves a negative impression on the user, who may think that the site does not sell authentic products. The only other solution would be to use a generic description of the brand, but this too mostly leads to a lower CTR than were you able to use the brand name. 


Languages with non-Latin alphabets such as Hebrew, Arabic and Japanese have the advantage of writing the brand in the transliterated form, which in most cases helps you to get around the kind of trademark restrictions discussed above. Our tests have also shown that these transliterated versions often result in higher CTRs than abbreviated Latin versions.