By importing data into Datasets, our data warehouse, we can clean, store and launch powerful and insightful analysis against any other relevant data. Not only do we use this to make insightful decisions, but it allows us to easily track sales and approve/disapprove commissions, based on the comparison of network and Analytics data.


We also use Alerts, which are bespoke queries made to gather relevant data from Datasets. Alerts notify our teams of particular account insights, which our analysts can then use to implement actions across the account. An example Alert is one that notifies us of sudden changes in publisher click volume, so that we can reward or thank publishers if they are driving increased traffic.


By incorporating this technology into the way we run our affiliate activity, we are able to constantly improve and refine our processes.


Truly Global Management Opportunities.


Our partner International Agency, Locaria, has an unequalled range of languages and vast experience of running marketing campaigns across all continents. Using this knowledge, we are able to scale affiliate campaigns and content to any global market, providing a truly global management opportunity.


Access To An Extensive, Expanding Outreach Network.


Working closely with our SEO division and pooling our resources, we have access to a constantly growing network of publishers, bloggers and contacts, creating the perfect balance between paid and organic outreach. This allows us to not rely solely on the networks’ directories, and maximises the opportunity for account growth and potential partners.