Performance Linguistics. We help convey your message in any target market, language or platform, just the way you intended.

How to write persuasively while also communicating the proposition of a product or service and furthering the perception of the brand’s identity is a unique challenge. Online advertisers in particular are faced with marketing channels that impose distinct rules on the length of copy, the use of particular terms and other regulations depending on the location in question.


Whether you are writing short, effective copy for customers (as with paid search) or as part of a wider content strategy, your specific choice of words can dramatically alter the effectiveness of the message.


Even the best marketing copy in English can become convoluted, take on a different tone and prove ineffective when translated into another language. And yet this is the simplistic approach that many businesses still adopt for expanding their English language activity.


Fully localising written content – so that it is not only translated, but also checked for tone and is then continually reviewed for performance – is a more time-intensive investment, but also produces far greater results in terms of return.