What is Performance Linguistics?


Performance linguistics is a distinct subset of the digital marketing industry that is set to grow exponentially as the barriers to international e-commerce become even fewer and less significant. We have coined the phrase to describe our approach to international digital marketing, combining native linguistic skills with online marketing expertise to ensure that our work delivers.


Understanding – at the level of a native speaker – the subtleties of how different combinations of words come across in the context of a specific online platform, and also how they are likely to perform from a marketing perspective, can make or break your international expansion.


Performance linguistics allows brands to negotiate the balance between marketing performance and brand perception. At present, it’s unusual for the same person to have the linguistic skills to fully localise copy into another language, the required knowledge surrounding platform regulations and also have the data analysis skills to continually optimise campaigns. Our analysts are trained especially to think laterally across all possible factors that could influence campaign performance.