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Supriya Dev-Purkaystha
Director of Client & Strategic Partnerships


Supriya has been working in Digital Marketing for over 8 years and joined Forward3D in 2011. She initially joined the agency as a Business Development Director before she moved into her current role as Head of Client & Strategic Partnerships in 2014. Supriya now works across the agency’s clients to deliver cross channel integration. 


Before joining Forward3D, Supriya worked at several companies including Media Contacts and Netbooster. These roles provided her with the required cross-channel knowledge spanning SEO, PPC and Display to facilitate the planning and delivery of strategic, cross channel campaigns. Alongside this Supriya has experience in above the line and online channel integration, attribution and building multi-channel strategies. 


In terms of verticals, Supriya has covered a wide range of industries, from luxury fashion and Retail to Travel and Finance. She also has extensive experience within the insurance industry spanning over 5 years. 


Prior to joining Forward3D, Supriya worked with clients such as Etihad Airways, Millenium Hotels, ADT, and Thomas Pink. In her role as Head of Client Services at Forward3D, Supriya has worked closely with New Look, Avenue 32, MR PORTER, Trend Micro and Nuance in supporting cross channel initiatives. 


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