Scott Brown - Account Director, Display

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What does your role entail?

As Account Director for the Display team, my main role is to lead the display strategy for my clients, with the aim of growing and improving the account. I work and liaise with my team, clients and other departments in order to achieve this.

I also work on new business, cross-sell and assist with the transition of new clients for Display. This involves working with our teams on pitches, proposals and ensuring that the right technical set up has been achieved for us to go live on time.

 An example Display Ad for client, New Look

An example Display Ad for client, New Look

What are the challenges of your role?

The biggest challenge is managing the expectations of different teams and clients, especially whilst I’m balancing my time between the two parts of my role.

What skills are necessary to perform well in your job?

It’s the soft skills that I think are the most important. With multiple projects going on, you need to be organised, cool under pressure and clever with your time. Personal skills are also key because you are working with various groups of people, so you need to be approachable and understand how to best engage with each of them.

What do you like most about Forward3D’s culture?

We always look to drive an end result for our clients, which is important, but the journey to that point is just as crucial. You are really encouraged to explore and expand your knowledge to eventually reach that end goal. That happens through research and your own expertise, but also by using your initiative to learn from a colleague or a resident subject expert.

You’re free to learn! And you’re never pigeonholed into one role; your personal growth is in your own hands. If you want to know something, you go off and find out (as long as you have the time!).

What drew you towards digital marketing?

The future! When I started as a graduate in media I was always skewed towards digital because it seemed far more exciting. I couldn’t define it then, but now I know it’s because it’s fast paced, experimental and dynamic. Never a boring day in digital!

What do you like most about your team?

The people are key to the way that my team works and develops. There is the perfect balance of professionalism and fun. We look for people who fit into that culture and when you get that balance, it just works!

How does Forward3D’s technology make your job easier?


How would you sum up your job in 5 words?

Challenging, Educational, Dynamic, Busy, Unrestricted