Which Brands are Crushing Black Friday?

by Felicity Dudley on Friday 17 November 2017

The two biggest shopping days for online retailers are quickly approaching: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It’s a huge opportunity for brands to not only hit their annual revenue targets, but also draw in new audiences and drive brand awareness. Here are our top 5 best Black Friday & Cyber Monday campaigns from previous years.


Last year, Canon made their website all about Black Friday-Cyber Monday, as with many other retailers however, their campaign banners came with a twist. They displayed a slot-machine style section showcasing their hottest deals, not only was this fun to watch, it also encouraged users to stick around a little longer to see just what those new deals are.



For their worldwide Black Friday offer, ASOS decided to go with a catchy discount code – GOGOGO. That sounds like the unofficial motto of the whole Black Friday-Cyber Monday experience, so it’s extremely fitting.



In past years Sephora has decided not to tell customers what to expect from their Black Friday. In a smart play to foster a sense of exclusivity and reward social engagement, Sephora is used Snapchat to reveal its deals. Followers received images announcing its best deals in the days leading up to the holiday. 



The Kohl’s Black Friday campaign stands out primarily because of how many options they give you the minute you land on their website. I managed to count 22 Call-To-Action buttons/areas in this one banner alone. Starting from the twelve primary categories (women, men, juniors etc) to the ‘Shop Now’ label, to price-based shopping (£10 and under, £15 and under etc) and the guide to finding an offline store and even previewing their ad. Whatever you wanted, they’ve got it – and you certainly won’t want to leave their website without checking out every one of their offers.


Amazon Lightning Deals

It would be crazy to list the top brands that ‘win’ Black Friday without mentioning Amazon. Their Lightning Deals start a week before the big day and are always extremely successful for the retailer. Every day, new deals are released on Amazon, from several Amazon devices and top of the range TVs to smartphones, headphones, games consoles and more.

This year Black Friday looks to be bigger than ever, with more and more retailers getting creative in their marketing efforts, we are looking forward to see what this year has in store.