Forward3D & Storeys

by Bobbi Byrne on Tuesday 23 May 2017

Transform3D (T3D) is the philanthropic arm of Forward3D and we aim to harness the talent and innovation our employees to support early stage non-profits to flourish. This month we want to celebrate the amazing work of Year Here venture Storeys, who run arts projects to promote the emotional and mental health of young people leaving care and students at risk of exclusion. Their projects tackle topics relating to a young person's emotional and mental health, as they feel that emotional health is the foundation on which to build up the 'storeys' of your life. They have worked with young people leaving care and children at risk of exclusion through a number of fantastic clients across six London boroughs.


Our very own Senior Content Marketing Manager Tom Bowers has given 12+ hours of his time and SEO expertise to support Storeys in the optimsation of their website for organic search. Beginning with a mini site audit in order to get rid of some minor page errors and bad habits, Tom then guided Alex and Elo from Storeys through the basics of SEO and how, together, they can optimise the site so that search engines and users can understand its content. Because the site is so specific, and terminology and phrases around mental health carry a lot of weight and stigma, they spent hours talking about the pros and cons of individual keywords for specific pages, which was time consuming and challenging


Tom also took a look at some basic on page optimisation, simple things like header tags, page titles, meta descriptions and calls to action, just to make the site useful from a user perspective and for search engines to better understand the website. Through this process, he was able to teach them the real basics of SEO, how the web works for search and how to maximise the potential of their site.

Working with the T3D team, Year Here, Storeys has been a bit of an eye opener for me. After four years in SEO, you can kind of get a bit numb to the human aspect of what’s capable with digital marketing. Rather than trying to drive traffic to category pages, you’re looking to optimise to help a restaurant that hires and trains homeless people and give them a chance. Rather than optimising for keyword with a gigantic volume and huge competition, you have to focus on the specifics and get to know the issues and try and understand big subjects like mental health and how, what we do at F3D every day, can help these amazing initiatives reach their potential and help vulnerable people in need. 

It’s been super challenging but also bucket loads of fun, the guys at Storeys are a dream to work with and the work they do day in day out blows me away.
— Tom Bowers Forward3D

This week saw a real first milestone in that keywords have started appearing on Google’s listings. This is exciting for Storeys as it means many young people that may need their help will start being able to discover the service.

We have had a couple of sessions with Tom, where we have looked at SEO and content on our website. As there is only two of us running Storeys (and neither of us come from a tech background!) Tom’s support has been utterly invaluable. We’ve learned so much and it’s made us think critically about our work and how we are presenting it to the world. He makes alien concepts sound easy and his enthusiasm for our work makes such a difference. Thanks Tom!
— Storeys

You can learn more about Year Here and the work they do here.