How to Donate Differently

by James Green on Tuesday 20 June 2017

We all receive those emails from big charitable organisations earnestly appealing for our pledges of money to help provide aid to their cause. Yet, we often choose to pass up that opportunity, perhaps because we already give to a number of charities already, or we’re desensitised to the constant images and content, these important messages fade into the background of daily life seemingly unnoticed. Often another attractive option is to get involved and hands on in the communities that need it most. This is often costly and whilst many of us don’t mind donating small amounts to charity, it is difficult to fund flights and accommodation to other countries.

Until recently, I thought that there was no other way to get involved – until I met Hannah from Nepal Youth Foundation UK (NYF) through Transform3D, the philanthropic arm of Forward3D. Transform3D aims to harness the innovation and talent of Forward3D employees to support early stage non-profits to flourish.


The NYF, and Hannah, offer hope and opportunity to Nepal’s most impoverished children by providing them with what is every child’s birthright: vital healthcare, education and a safe environment. Nepal was recently brought to its knees by the earthquake in 2015. Unfortunately, the earthquake left many families, particularly children without a home and adequate schooling facilities. Hannah and the team have been working tirelessly to coordinate charity fundraising events and challenges like the Little Foot Festival (Family Fun Day), the 3 Peaks Challenge and most recently Race to the Stones. Additionally, Hannah and the team visit Nepal on a regular basis and are actively involved in the building and development of crucial schooling facilities, thus improving the lives of the children and families from impoverished communities - directly.

So, how did we support The Nepal Youth Foundation – Digitally?

 NYF is a qualifying non-profit organisation for a Google Grant, allowing $10,000 every month to use Google AdWords online advertising. I worked closely with Hannah to develop and implement a PPC strategy to raise money for both the brand as well as the events that they run. Enlisting additional F3D staff support, not only did this result in signups through the fundraising events but we also managed to support NYF to raise enough money for schools to be built in remote areas of Nepal. 

Do take note and know that the work you did for us on Littlefoot helped us raise lots of money – way more than without your help that’s for certain– and this money has gone directly to children like these and rebuilding schools after the earthquake. The santa run money for example has helped the kids at Olgapuri and the proceeds of the walk will go towards further schools.  So, thank you – we are really grateful for the time you gave us and helping us to help these amazing kids!!! You should feel proud.
— Hannah, NYF

James Green - Associate Director