Announcing Official Google Data Studio Partners

by George Collins on Tuesday 22 August 2017

Forward3D are pleased to announce that we are now official Google Data Studio Certified Partners! While we’ve already been working with these reports across a number of our existing clients, here in the Data Science and Advanced Analytics team we wanted to celebrate the occasion by giving others a little insight into what Data Studio reports can look like.


We've embedded an example Data Studio report below, (embedding is a beta feature we have access to, but is not available publicly yet) which displays some quick stats about some of our technology we use here at Forward3D.


Our team of developers are constantly innovating and creating new solutions for us and this gives a quick glimpse into how we use a few of our tools. Here’s a quick glossary: 


Datasets is the core system within Stage used for accessing data we store for our clients. We pull in data across numerous platforms and allow our analysts to analyse this at scale very easily.


Alerts are checks on this data to flag issues or opportunities. It is used for monitoring areas of best practice, such as checking if campaigns are hitting budget caps, if negative keywords are missing or if there are spelling mistakes in creative, as well as more advanced checks such as performance or even inventory.


There’s also an interesting breakdown of Google’s analysis of our staff ‘In-Market Segments’ here as well!

As Certified Partners we’re always looking to push the boundaries with more and more of our client teams adopting these reports over methods. There are plenty of new features coming in the next few months so if you haven’t checked them out yet, make sure you do!