Brighton SEO Round Up - Part One

by Jack Reid on Thursday 21 September 2017

Small Tweaks to Boost your Google Ranking



Danny Richman kicked off in Syndicate 3 & 4 with a great talk with some actionable takeaways. He believes that as SEOs we are a bit obsessed with tech and link building and somewhat ignore search user signals. Ultimately, he said, a user’s first engagement with a site is seeing the SERP snippet, so this is the place to begin with optimisation and thus search user satisfaction should be focused on too.


Danny explained that one of the best optimisations for ROI is to do some meta optimisation, looking into queries with low CTR that are ranking well on the first page.


When doing this, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your brand/website credible?
  • What makes you better than the competition?
  • Will the site achieve the users’ end goal?
  • What will be seen when a user clicks through?


Slides can be found here



The SEO's Guide To JavaScript



Ric Rodriguez presented a good topline overview of javascript and how it’s being used more frequently in recent years. As long as the elements that influence rankings are well within the DOM (Document Object Model) execution, then we should be safe.


A few takeaways include:

  • Audit using Inspect Element to see where page elements execute within the DOM
  • Use Server Side rendering for best SEO practices - to make sure it’s within Google’s snapshot of your site
  • Create clearly defined pages (unique URLs or escaped fragments)
  • Use JS (JavaScript)  only when needed. If your page is primarily for search, make an HTML page, however when speed and wanting rich user features, use JS


Slides can be found here


Managing Multi-Location Listings in Google My Business



Nicole finished the session with some great tips for local businesses in regards to Google My Business. Tips include:


  • Make sure NAP (name, address, phone) details are consistent across the web
  • Be specific with the category of your website, as the possum update has hurt sites who have multiple categories
  • Add location level attributes to listings to make them richer, especially for voice search e.g. Café with Wi-Fi or restaurant with pool
  • Delete duplicate listings
  • Try to centralise account with listings so that they are all in one place
  • To make local pages richer, include a map on the said page
  • Use transit/driving instruction info as content to make your page's stronger
  • Tweet the GMB twitter account if you have an issue


Slides can be found here


Keynote with Gary Illyes



Within his keynote, Gary touched on a number of burning quesitons, summarised below:


  • There is talks of there being something akin to a subscription tag for sites such as Financial Times where content sits behind a paywall.
  • Google now has 2-3 minor updates to the ranking algorithm daily, and these somewhat jokingly were called “Fred” by Gary. This is now the accepted name for any daily update. When asked if the Penguin algorithm was being updated, Gary replied no, and that now it updates in real time so Penguin has been largely left alone of recent times.
  • With regards to use of the disavow tool he was quite vague, simply stating that it should be used if it makes you feel better and stated that it’s an advanced tool so should only be used by those who know what they’re doing.
  • When discussing broken link building, he said it’s of value to do so, but only when the link in question is useful to the user, otherwise the link will be discredited.
  • There is no update with regards to the mobile first index. However he ushered those of us still having a dynamic or m. site to start going dynamic.
  • He also mentioned with regards to canonicalization that Google can read and understand duplicate pages.


Jack Reid - Senior Organic Performance Executive