Whats new with Google this week?

by Felicity Dudley on Wednesday 21 February 2018

Image Search Has Changed


This week Google changed the way we view and save images by removing the 'View Image' button as well as the 'Search by Image' feature. This means that a user can no longer view an image on a stand alone page, and must visit the source from which the image is pulled from.


According to Search Engine Land earlier this month Google entered a multi-year global licensing partnership with Getty Images, which would make sense in terms of helping reduce copyright infringement through the popular search engine.


Goodbye Meta News Keyword Tag


In the same way that Google ignores the normal Keyword Tag, Google has been quietly ignoring the Meta News Keyword Tag for months. This tag was used by publications, news sites and bloggers to clearly help Google understand the content on each of the news pages.


John Mueller a Google Webmaster Trends Analyst tweeted earlier this week that 'We dropped support for this around the time when we removed it from the help centre. Keeping it on pages is fine, we just don't use it for Google News anymore.'


You Can Now Search Inside Shopping Centres


Ever fancied an after-work shopping trip to your local shopping center but want to check the Zara is big enough to make the trip worth while? Well now you can. Google Maps now has a 'directory' feature that allows users to glance inside a shopping center and even search by type of store, so you can plan your visit before you even leave the office.


Travel Planning Just Got Easier


New features are being rolled out this week aiming to make travel planning easier within Google's listings. This includes price-filtering options, easy-to-find amenity information and the ability to book a hotel stay directly on Google.


“In the next few days, you’ll see that if you search for a flight in Google Flights, you can click right in to ‘Hotels’ at the top of the page,” writes Google’s director of travel product management, Eric Zimmerman, “This lets you easily click over to check hotel availability and prices in your destination city for the dates you’ve already selected.”