You don't know how much you know, or the good it can do

by Bobbi Byrne on Wednesday 28 February 2018

Transform3D is our sustainable model of philanthropy here at Forward3D. It aims to harness the innovation and talent of Forward3D employees to support knowledgeable and passionate early stage non-profits to flourish. One of the ways we do this is through offering expertise to London based organisations within the first three years of launching. 


We kicked off the year by hosting our first round of Nuts and Bolts Workshops for some of our Transform3D partners from the pioneering Year Here programme, sharing the basics of digital marketing. We called upon our talented and amazing SEO department to offer insight into what to consider when designing and developing a new website, to ensure that it's the most effective portal for their business. This involved the content management system ventures chose to run their sites, the way in which hierarchy is structured to make sure Google can crawl and index it, and how to ensure the customer flows to the point of conversion, what ever that may be. Within the workshop staff focused on setup, content structure and content management.

We optimised and set up google analytics for my landing page during the session. The 30 min lecture was long enough to get to grips with the SEO stuff I wasn’t familiar with and the clinic afterwards of jumping on it with one person and getting it done there and then felt like I left with something tangible as well as useful recommendations, tips and general help.
— Tom, Maxx Chatbot 

We invited the ventures back for our next Nuts and Bolts workshop, this time drawing upon the skills of our amazing Client Services team, Sales and HR departments, looking at The Art of Pitching. Our Client Services Team oversee client strategy here at Forward3D. They provide a roadmap and actionable outputs based on our client's business goals. They oversee the pitch process for new business, and sit at the unique intersection that enables them to have the full view of our amazing proposition. Within the workshop ventures pitched to a Forward3D staff panel, sharing their business goals at this stage, and had time after feedback and questions to work with staff one on one to implement suggestions and advice

T3D allows us all to step away from the day to day and really make an impact where it matters. It also prompts us to all open our eyes to social issues around us, which I think can only be a good thing! From a personal point of view, getting involved in these activities has been good fun and a chance to really engage with other employees across the business.
— Darren, Head of SEO

Not only do we see this an opportunity to have a meaningful impact to early stage organisations tackling some of society's toughest problems, we also provide developmental opportunities for staff within Forward3D to enhance their skillsets, gain cross channel experience and do some good along the way - one of our five company values. Internally, we endeavour to build a positive team spirit, making working here a valuable experience when we’re away from our desks. 


Get in touch if you're a socially driven start-up in London and you'd like to find out more about working with us by emailing