Celebrating Transform3D Partners, The Hard Yard

by Bobbi Byrne on Tuesday 24 April 2018

As part of their Workplace Wellness offering, The Hard Yard has been running weekly fitness workouts at the Forward3D London HQ. The Hard Yard recruits talented and expert trainers from inside our London prisons, to lead high intensity workouts across London. We feel heartbroken about their announcement of closing this month. We want to celebrate their achievements and acknowledge the transformative and meaningful impact of their work at our company. 


Founder Frankie Bennett launched The Hard Yard in 2016 following her time on the amazing Year Here postgraduate innovation programme. In an announcement, Frankie explains why The Hard Yard is closing it's doors at this time: 

It was a big vision; a fitness company that would offer opportunities to hundreds of talented individuals who were struggling with their first job after prison. Over the past two years we’ve worked hard to bring that vision alive, + in many ways we have succeeded. However, to grow the company + reach the scale of impact we’d originally envisaged - to employ hundreds of talented individuals after prison - we need to raise money: £150k to complete the next stage of our plan. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to raise investment. Without it, The Hard Yard will remain a small-scale business rather than a brand + movement to provide hundreds of jobs. Our current model doesn’t do the vision or the talents of our trainers justice, so with much thought we have decided to close.
— Frankie, The Hard Yard

You can learn more about their story:


The Hard Yard hosted our Forward3D summer social in 2017, running a tailored sports day. They have been running workouts every Monday night for over a year and have supported staff who were training for the gruelling Tough Mudder event last year. We have been blown away by their dedication, their talent and their consistent encouragement and motivation of F3D staff to become their healthiest selves. With heavy hearts we wave goodbye to the team and feel it most saying goodbye to Lou, our weekly trainer. She has shown us how to transform our lives through fitness, calling it 'light work!' We can't wait to follow her as she soars in her fitness career. 

I am so gutted about this. I’ve never been big on the whole workout thing - gyms are just not for me. With Hard Yard I got to push myself to my absolute limit on the spot; just me against me. And the Hard Yard guys helped me train for my first Tough Mudder. Every session is so worth it!
— Luna, SEO
Working with The Hard Yard through T3D, even in a small way, has been an important and rewarding part of my time at Forward3D. I’ve gained a new perspective on the way start-up businesses, that primarily aim to help others, operate and market themselves as well as an enormous appreciation of the tireless effort and passion put in by those working for the organisation. Frankie and Beth should be seriously proud of what they created and nurtured. Can’t wait to see what they do next!
— James, Client Services

As a company this sad news strengthens our resolve to do some good along the way. Through our philanthropic arm Transform3D, we will continue to support Year Here and other organisations to grow a steady stream of social enterprises that are testing and building solutions to tough social problems. It's just too important not to. Hard Yard are running their last week of workouts this week, you can sign up by clicking here

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