Moscow Round Table: How to be successful in Russia?

by Katya Shoman on Monday 14 May 2018

In April, Forward3D partnered with Yandex and VK to host a joint private event in Moscow at our Meeting Point offices by Red Square. At the event Forward3D shared our expertise and successful performance marketing case studies. The round table was dedicated to cover the most recent product updates from the leading local Russian platforms Yandex and VK, the key points are shared below:


Yandex Update


Yandex.Direct is now releasing new Search Layout ‘Templates’ and pricing auction which changed from position bidding to the traffic buying.


Objectives of the new “Templates” launch in Search layout:

  • Provides more converting traffic without intensifying number of ads

  • Customising the layout to each vertical/end user

  • Update the auction predictions

  • Aim for True Bid principle

  • An expectation of each new “Template” launch to provide + 1.5%-2% uplift on Search


VK Update


VK became the most popular social network in Russia with wide range of advertising opportunities. On monthly basis VK covers at least 71% of Russian population aged 12-64, proving their dominance against other social networks in Russia. It was also evident that VK is the most engaging network among the population, as users spend a minimum of 27 minutes on desktop and 30 minutes from mobile each day surfing VK.


Key benefits of VK:

  • Provides more than 20 variations of targeting tools

  • A wide range of engaging formats such as video

  • Ability to set up a dynamic re-targeting to show the most relevant ads to the audience

  • Precise geographical targeting – starting from 500 meters

Moscow roundtable.jpg


Forward3D Case Studies


Forward3D’s Moscow team presented a number of case studies highlighting work carried out on the topic. Anton Ivanov, Russia Market Lead, shared international experience on how Search Layout Templates perform in Asian markets, alongside an explanation on the implementation of Forge technology and usage of special labels. Forward3D also had the opportunity to present with our long-standing client CHANEL on the usage of MCB.


Katya Shoman discussed social media case studies and covered both Russian and international Forward3D experience. Correlation between Social biddable and PPC was shown on a ASOS example and advantages of Facebook ads were highlighted by a Mr.Porter case study, where Forward3D analysts used Canvas Ads format. Finally Katya presented one of the most successful cases which was completed in partnership with BBDO: integration of Virgin Atlantic ads in Instagram Stories.