Part 2 - Ways {=To Use.Ad_Customisers} & Their Challenges

by Neil Harrison on Tuesday 22 May 2018

Ways To Use Ad Customisers

There are many ways in which ad customisers can be utilised to hyper tailor ads. Two of the most frequently used ways are through sale messaging and geo-targeting.


For example, you have ads in a sale period where you want to include a specific “Up to 25% Off” message for one ad and “Up To 10% Off” in a second ad. Business data ad customisers allow you to efficiently input the percentage off in these ads by changing the attributes on only the products you choose. If these numbers change throughout the period, it is simple to change the ad by altering only the number for that ad in the linked google sheets doc.



With geo-targeting ad customisers, it’s possible to target locations with tailored messaging shown in the example below. It works the same but with a slightly different set-up. Here you can target a specific location with the message most relevant to consumers in that location.


Finally, something that is done less with ad customisers is using them creatively to grab the users attention with information relevant to your products as well as the users interests. For example, you can use ad customisers for a tennis fanatic searching for Roger Federer shoes (example 1) to call out who Federer will be playing next at a tournament and in which round.


The same could be done with travel companies advertising flights for someone searching in Newcastle for flights to Barcelona. 



Challenges of Ad Customisers

The main drawback of ad customisers in their current state is that you can only report on the custom attributes or the ads with the custom parameter formulas included. It is not currently possible to report on a certain ad in the past with the full ad as well as all metrics included. Moreover, another downside of ad customisers is the character limit of ads. Character limits still apply so you will need to ensure that your ad customisers are small enough to fit. If you use more than one ad customizer in an ad you will have to put in some back up text in case the ad does not fit, but if you are using only one ad customiser that makes the ad too long it will simply not show.  



Ad customisers are extremely powerful and if properly implemented can mean automating several time-consuming steps on the way to the hyper tailoring of ads. Instead of fiddly excel formulas to populate thousands of ads in excel and manually uploading, you can quickly and efficiently change the cells in a google sheets doc to change the same number of entities. This has the potential to increase your expected click-through rate and ad relevance while also making your account easier to manage.