APAC Summit, Looking back and moving forward

by Irene Lee on Thursday 24 January 2019

Late last year Forward3D APAC (Hong Kong, Korea, China, Japan and Singapore), along with members of the board from our London headquarter gathered in Taipei for our first APAC Summit.

Since the official launch of ‘Forward3D APAC’ at the beginning of 2016, APAC has grown massively in all areas; revenue, number of offices, and number of staff. We now have over 70 employees across the region, and we have big plans in place to see this growth continue over the coming years. It was very exciting to all meet for our first APAC event, especially with Martin McNulty (CEO) sharing how we have grown and sharing the agency vision. Also in attendance was James Parr (CFO) impressing us with the latest agency numbers, and of course Hannes Ben (CIO) reminding us of how “global” we are with greetings in 5 different languages.

On day two, each regional office introduced their teams and ran through case studies and some insights from their relevant markets. Following this we ran through the nominations and winners of the F3D APAC Awards, in which we recognised individuals and teams for their hard work within the region and globally.

It was a really precious experience for me as I was able to meet colleagues in person. I also learnt how each market in APAC runs digital marketing activities by using their local engines such as Baidu, Yandex, and Yahoo Japan. In addition, I was glad to know the detailed information about the vision of our company from our CEO.
— Eunju Ji, Performance Analyst - Korea

What made the event so special was allowing colleagues who may have worked together digitally, finally meet in person, from various offices within the region. It really made us all feel like we belonged to a big group.

It was extremely great to meet everyone finally in person and everyone from the region together in one place during our very first APAC summit in Taiwan. Aside from the night markets and street food, the purpose of the event was to bring the regional offices into the global fold with presentations from the board on the agency vision, while also creating a platform for each team to showcase the great work they are doing. It was an incredible few days with some truly impressive content from each of the offices!

We had 70+ staff join from across our offices including London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Seoul, and Tokyo. With each team taking the stage to outline their market, team and client case studies. We all learnt so much from each other and the team from regional offices truly felt they are part of a big family. Everyone is excited to grow our APAC businesses to the next level.
— Yanyan Froud, Associate Director - APAC & Russia

I think I can speak for everyone when I say I came away from the summit filled with enthusiasm and excitement to be part of the future growth of APAC and the rest of the business, especially with our recent merger with PMX Agency. As the APAC division of ForwardPMX, we will be able to proceed on with our endless development with unlimited opportunity.