Ask The Grads

by Jasmin Taylor on Wednesday 15 August 2018

Across each of our channels, graduate recruitment plays a big part in what we do and how we grow our teams! We place a real emphasis on training and development and when a trainee joins, they are invited to join the Foward3D Academy, a six-month development plan in line with the discipline they’re going to be working in. While it’s easy for us to say these are great opportunities (they are!), we asked a group of our trainees to share their thoughts on what life is really like at Forward3D. 


What does your role entail?


“Learning lots from senior members in my team and company. Asking for opportunities to learn. Make mistakes and learn from them. Learn from mistakes made in the past by others.”

“My role entails managing advertising campaigns for large fashion clients. We do this by monitoring daily activity on accounts, optimising spend and creating ads to serve on search engines.”

“The Trainee PPC Analyst role is extremely varied – day-to-day tasks could include optimisation, writing ad copy, building new product categories, writing reports and talking clients through performance.”

“Optimizing accounts via building, testing or amending ad copy, bidding methods, keyword lists and new google products, as well as reporting on progress and results.”


What have you enjoyed most about your time at Forward3D so far?

“As great as the free food, drinks and games are, I have enjoyed the Academy sessions which were a great way to be introduced into the daily job role and also an opportunity to build your internal network. The extra-curricular workout and yoga sessions are really fun too!”

“I've enjoyed learning on the job in skills such as excel, datasets and other coding as well as soft skills such as developing professional relationships with clients and my fellow colleagues”

“Forward3D has a very open and inclusive culture, and there’s a real focus on creativity and innovation. Through meet-ups, team lunches and socials you’re encouraged to share ideas and made to feel a part of the wider team”

“Learning about and gaining new skills for PPC, people, company culture and perks”



How would you sum up your job in 5 words?

Learning. Taking risks. Opportunities. Development. Observing. Mentally stimulating. Demanding.  Dynamic. Fast-paced. Analytical. Creative. Make advertising efficient and effective.


What skills are necessary to perform well in your job?


“Able to take your initiative to learn and offer to take responsibility. Prove that you can be trusted. Being able to deal with multiple problems."

“Thinking of solutions - not necessarily the one everyone thinks of; sometimes it's good to have a diverse approach to show results can be achieved in many ways.”

“You will need to be switched on and active as you will need to notice changes in the account and quickly act on them. Decision making skills are important as you will need to be able to evaluate your strategies and deliver the best outcome. Working in collaborative teams it’s also key that you’re able to communicate well to keep your team up to date”

“There’s a lot of emphasis on numeracy, literacy and analytical skills. Communication is also key, whether it’s being able to write coherently about your analysis and findings, or by speaking directly with clients”

What do you like most about your team/department?

“Sharing knowledge and respect regardless of seniority. Everyone has something we can learn from”

“My team has been very welcoming and supportive of my growth in the role. They are always ready to explain and provide context to the work so I never feel out of depth and so I can really understand the history of the accounts. This has been essential in understanding present strategies and future projects which allows me to feel comfortable in contributing my own ideas. If you ever find a problem too difficult, the entire department is very cooperative – there is always someone with experience that is ready and willing to help.”

“There’s a lot of emphasis on expanding knowledge - my team have been incredibly supportive and I’ve learnt a lot from working with very talented people! The Academy provided a solid foundation to PPC, having had no previous experience, and it was also a great opportunity to meet other trainees.”

“They are friendly and helpful with answering any questions”

If this sounds like something you’d like to be part of, you can find all of our current trainee positions here. We look forward to hearing from you!