Key Takeaways from our Content Event

by Nimi Randhawa on Thursday 28 February 2019

With content marketing becoming an over-saturated and competitive landscape, we thought, what better topic to delve into as our first roundtable for 2019. We discussed how to combat the current industry challenges and produce successful and valuable campaigns.

We had attendees from a variety of business verticals who engaged with us regarding their content marketing problems and how these can be overcome using a variety of strategies and tactics.

Below are some standout quotes from the day that we found particularly enlightening.

Content is a strategic blend of creation, curation and syndication.

The creation of content used for performance purposes seeks to attract customers by enhancing the customer experience, though changing their behaviour or increase a site’s performance.

500 hours of YouTube videos are uploaded every minute and 1,440 WordPress blogs uploaded every minute.
Brand is taking a huge focus.
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There’s been a shift in the use of 360 videos with the increase of AI influencers – people who aren’t even real promoting products on social media.
We need to find areas people can resonate with; moving away from what the brand want but to what the people want to see
Test and learn and then learn some more – we need to figure out how and why our content efforts work or don’t work

How to save Content:

  1. Data

  2. Narrative

  3. Design

Consider how to incorporate all 3 pillars.

Narrative is an element that runs throughout your strategies and is driven by your data and insights.
Investigate what your going to use each channel for and then optimise for each one
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Key takeaways

Treat your strategy like a domino effect, ensuring one is reacting to the other.

• Use data to decide your content

• Use narrative to form your content

• Use design to engage your content

A detailed write up into the event will follow with insights and actionable steps.