Daum's New Ad Extension

by Vivian Mok on Tuesday 18 December 2018

The digital market is changing fast and there has been so many exciting developments and products appearing throughout 2018. In the latter part of this year Daum, the South Korean web portal, made a move that would create huge changes on advertisers performance in the market.

What is Daum

A Popular Web Portal In South Korea

Daum was established in 1995 and was just as popular as Naver due to their communities platform services called "Daum cafe". However they have been losing out their market position due to the growth of global social platforms such as Facebook and Naver's search focused services. Since, they have been trying to find opportunities to rebuild the business through taking over Kakao in 2014.

User Demographic

The Third Biggest Search Engine In Korea

As the engine started in the beginning age of internet, Daum's user age groups are older than other search engines and with top topics being politics and economy related context. This indicates just how loyal the platforms users are and how they gear their products to be more suited for older aged users.

Daum comes in at third place according to the search market share and it is small in comparison to its direct competitor, Naver. However utilising the platform is still worth considering if brands want to maximise their chances of reaching the South Korean audience. They have over 10% of the market share and if a brand wants to maximise their brand awareness and reach the older market, this will be a prime opportunity.

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Daum Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are additional pieces of information about your products/business, such as product images, product prices, key offerings etc. to attach to your main paid search text ad. An ad extension helps to maximise ad size to improve the visibility among of other ads and potentially help to increase clicks as well as ROI.

Also Available on Desktop from 15th November 18

Daum Search recently launched ad extensions on desktop device after a month testing on mobile this year. This update would help Daum to strengthen their search product competitiveness among advertisers, due to Naver being unable to offer any ad extensions on desktop devices.

Ad extension formats are listed as below, it contains many options from Extended Headline, Sitelinks to Image Extension. All of these formats are familiar to search marketers as most of them are also available on Google. However each ad can only show one type of extension even though all of the types are implemented and approved by Daum. The platform is also currently working on a quality score system to manage extension visibility which will setup a fair system to encourage advertisers to improve their campaign quality, and of course to provide a better user search experience on Daum. Several industries have limitations on approval of these ad extensions, such as: medical / hospital, banks, insurance and sexual.

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Advertisers should test and learn how these new ad extension could best work for them as it offers a great opportunity to improve campaign performance when utilised properly.