The Search II Annual Summer Fundraiser at Forward3D

by Bobbi Byrne on Wednesday 29 August 2018

As part of our fourth value of doing some good along the way, each summer Transform3D - our philanthropic arm - hosts a company-wide fundraiser to raise money for our fundraising partners Year Here. It's a celebration of coming together as a company to support social innovation and meaningful change in London. 



This year staff took to the street for The Search II - a giant treasure hunt of sorts, set in East London. In teams of 6-8 staff worked from a list of point based challenges, with an aim of ending the afternoon with the most points! Staff had three hours to select the challenges they wished to take on, sending photographic evidence to the Transfrom3D team upon completion of each task. Staff donated funds to participate in the afternoon, raising £705.



Where Our Money Goes


Money we raise will goes directly to the incubator phase of the Year Here programme. This is the phase where Year Here Fellows work to iterate and prototype their venture ideas with real users, going on to pitch them at a crowdfunding event! This aligns neatly with Forward3D’s own fail fast, agile work practice. The funds grow a steady stream of new ventures that T3D can further support through the expertise part of our partnership, providing plenty of development opportunities for staff here, and a real variety of causes to get behind. You can take a look at some of the Year Here Ventures we support here. 

A massive thanks to everyone at Forward3D! We hugely appreciate and value this partnership. We can’t wait for you guys to meet the latest crop of Year Here ventures – that your support has helped us birth! See you all in Morocco! (Our next international fundraiser)
— Jack Graham, Year Here CEO