Building Effective Audiences for Digital Acquisition - Part 2

by George Collins on Friday 20 July 2018

Example Analysis

Now that we have a set of defined segments that map onto customer personas, we are able to analyse the data and relate this back to our marketing campaigns. For this step we focused on just the affluent high value segment.

gc blog1.png

These questions and paths of analysis are only basic but are already allowing insight on this particular group of website users. Data can also be analysed to identify the best times of day to target users or which time would be best to launch campaigns.

gc blog2.png


Analysing your customers and website users based on their actual behaviour can enable a much clearer view of who these customers are. Taking into account frequency, paths to purchase and value of purchases and mapping these onto offline personas can enable much more accurate targeting and analysis of digital campaigns.

This data can allow campaign managers to take decisions on which type of content should be included to appeal to different types of users, which time of day to push budgets and which channels to push budget on to name just a few.

Micro conversions round table image.png