Life At Forward3D - Senior PPC Analyst

by Galina Kocheva on Tuesday 5 February 2019

In an all new series, our talent team have been speaking with employees from around the business to find out what it is really like to work at Forward3D. To kick us off, we have interviewed Galina Kocheva, Senior PPC Analyst.

1) How has the PPC department evolved since you joined Forward3D?

I have now been at F3D just under 3 years, after graduating with an Economics degree and joining the company as a trainee analyst. The PPC department at Forward3D has grown significantly during my time at the company, both in size and expertise. We continuously win new clients around the world, expanding our existing teams and knowledge.

2) How has client exposure developed here?

Client exposure has improved over the years, allowing key members of the teams to regularly interact with clients for performance updates and review of quarterly objectives. Some of our clients are based abroad, which also allows us to travel to their offices at times and enjoy work outside of the office.

3) What has been the most exciting thing about working here so far?

Everyone in the company is very friendly and sociable making new employees feel welcome and accepted. The work environment has been exceptional which is one of the many reasons I love working at Forward3D. There is plenty of opportunity to move across teams, so I have worked across different clients and loved every day of it. Clients appreciate and value our expertise and we always have an amazing relationship with our contacts, which makes work even more enjoyable.

I had the chance to pair up with a member of a different department, so I was able to broaden my digital marketing knowledge outside of PPC, which is available to all employees and keeps our day to day tasks even more interesting. The more senior you get, the more cross channel opportunities there are within the agency, which is something I have always valued as it enables us to learn something new all the time.

Of course I appreciate the fact that we get breakfast, lunch and snacks, including a hot meal on Wednesdays and a cooked breakfast on Fridays. We also have back massages, yoga and workout sessions, and Friday drinks, which helps everyone socialise and make friends.

Transform3D ensures we contribute to non-for-profit organisations though voluntary work as well as fundraising. Our summer socials involved a treasure hunt around London for half a day, keeping us active and motivated, while raising funds for amazing start-ups.

4) How has your career developed at Forward3D?

From joining as a graduate, I am now a senior analyst and have progressed so much more than I would have anywhere else. Trainee analyst’s are provided with amazing in-house training sessions covering vast topics. Thereafter, managers ensure tailored and challenging development plans which help us all progress in our careers. One of Forward3D’s core values is ‘always learning, always teaching’ and I have always been surrounded with experts in the field passing on their knowledge internally from my team as well as across the agency. Having recently merged with PMX, we are expecting even more exciting and global opportunities ahead of us.

Overall, there are numerous opportunities available at Forward3D for different level professionals and would encourage anyone interested in PPC or other digital marketing.

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