Secondments: What do Forward3D Offer?

by Emma Cumming on Friday 23 November 2018

Secondments open the door to many potential opportunities and successes. They give you a chance to learn new skills, take on new challenges outside of your comfort zone, build stronger networks and boost your confidence.

At Forward3D, we offer secondments to our international offices over the space of one to three months. Our employees apply for the advertised secondment position via HR and will have an informal interview with the hiring manager of the position. Employees will be selected for the secondment based on their relevant skills and experience and availability to travel to their chosen office.

We had more than 10 employees seconding to our international offices this year. I sat down with three of our recent secondees; Adam Walker (Client Services Account Director), Elliot Russell (PPC Analyst) and Colm Goode (Senior PPC Analyst) who talked about their experience.

Where did you go on your secondment?

Adam & Elliott: South Korea

Colm: Dubai

What did you enjoy the most about your time there?

Elliot: “The people were great, the food was great, I got to explore a crazy city and it was nice to have 1.5 summers in 1 year.”

Adam: “An incredible opportunity to see an entirely new city, culture and learn a new way of working with the Seoul office”

Colm: “The hot weather, beach and all day brunches. Getting to know everyone in the Dubai office.”

What did you get involved in during your secondment?

Elliot: “Supporting the office through multiple group training sessions and 1 on 1 training. Aiding the office in making use of our tech stack, creating alerts, reports and teaching the office the finer points of our in house technology.”

Adam: “Predominantly client management for Chanel KR as well as training and team development within the agency. Also assisted in building tools and reports for specific clients to aid automation and learning.”

Colm: “Omnichannel client services, teaching datasets, improving client comms and reporting.”

What are the new experiences and/or skills you have gained?

Elliot: “Mentoring, training, managing people, autonomous workflow and prioritisation.”

Adam: “I learnt to be more flexible with a different culture and the nuances associated with the way they work day-to-day. As well as this, I learnt how to manage a smaller office in terms of team resource, working with Renae and Irene to resolve both personal and professional issues for certain team members. Also I learnt to push my own personal boundaries and try new challenges in an area of the world I had never been before.”

Colm: “Facebook ads, Display Channels, App Campaigns, dealing with difficult clients, Clients and Orchestrator experience.”

Would you recommend going on a secondment to a fellow employee?

Elliot: “Yes, absolutely. I already have.”

Adam: “Definitely. It's an incredible journey that will force you to become adaptable and learn quickly. It will not only make you a better worker but a more self-aware individual, helping you develop within the company and as a person.”

What picture summaries your time away?

Elliot & Adam:


Colm: “Abu Dhabi Mosque - Sight Seeing”