SYNC3D - Content Beyond SEO

by Felicity Dudley on Thursday 2 March 2017

Learning to adapt and overcome daily obstacles comes part and parcel with being a top notch SEO. Not only are we constantly challenged by Google’s ever changing landscape, but there are also an array of offline hurdles that threaten to hinder our content strategies. Our latest SYNC3D roundtable saw a group of industry leading experts delve into the most common road blockers when it comes to creating content, and just how to minimise them.


Getting buy-in from brand and above-the-line teams is a familiar challenge faced by many digital marketers. Coming up against frequent barriers can be de-motivating and leave SEO’s feeling deprioritized. Along with this, it can be frustrating when brand guidelines are ever changing, and sign off from multiple stakeholders is required, thus slowing down content production and creation. 


Our Head of Organic Performance, Darren Fullerton, has some tried and tested steps to overcome these common obstacles.


Content Placement
This may seem like a fairly small part of the overall content strategy, but showing other teams exactly where you plan on placing and distributing your content can help to ignite engagement in your concept.  Giving detail on the publications and influencers you plan on collaborating with speaks to non-SEO’s in a language that they can relate to.


Engagement Metrics
Sharing engagement metrics such as time on site, conversions and pages per visit from previous content campaigns can often be a more interesting and provide more meaningful metrics for non-digital members of the business.


Creating a one pager with similar campaigns run by competitors - particularly successful ones - can be a great tool in winning over sceptical stakeholders. This works especially well when including visuals, revenue generated and bonus coverage from sources such as press and TV.


Similarly to the above, presenting previous revenue successes from historic content campaigns can add weight to your pitch particularly to senior members of the business.


Ego Keywords
As we know, extremely generic keywords such as ‘dress’ or ‘shoes’ are not necessarily the ideal phrases to focus on. However for some, these are the bread and butter of what makes for a successful content campaign. Looking into whether you have seen ranking increases on ego keywords in the past can be a strong weapon in selling in a new content piece.


Applying these steps when pitching your latest content idea could mean the difference between content success and being left at the bottom of the list. 

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