Discover Korea with Forward3D and Naver. Learn about the digital opportunities available to advertisers in South Korea from the country's most dominant search engine. 

Discover Korea with Forward3D & Naver

Venue: Floor 2, Centro 3, 19 Mandela Street, Camden, NW10DU

As the dominant search engine in one of the most developed online markets in the world, Naver is the starting place for any successful digital strategy for effectively reaching South Korean consumers. 


We're delighted to announce that Naver will be joining us to co-host an event to provide insight and advice on the options and best practices for expanding into this desirable APAC market.


Thursday 6th November 3 - 7 PM
Forward3D Auditorium - Camden


Topics and presentations will cover:

  • A profile of the South Korean online market.
  • An overview of the opportunities available to Western brands.
  • A look into Naver advertising channels, discussing the use and best practice for each.
  • An introduction to Naver's Shopping Box product and a rare opportunity as a non-Korean advertiser to make full use of this direct e-commerce channel.
  • A presentation from a UK based advertiser currently excelling in South Korea. 


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