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10 Years of Facebook Newsfeed: What's Next?

In article for Marketing Tech, Forward3D Head of Display, Sarah Flannery, discusses the evolution of Facebook's newsfeed over the past decade, the challenges advertisers came to face and what the future holds for brands.

The newsfeed started life in 2006 as a real time stream of real people’s lives, a fantastic way to keep up to date or spy on your friends, family, crushes, colleagues and classmates.

It has since morphed into a personalised internet portal, with 63% of users citing it as their primary source of news in 2015.

By collating live events and world affairs alongside ‘friends’ and the personal sphere, Facebook has become a real time ticker of the most important global and local news and trends.

Carefully woven into this ecosystem is arguably one of the best native or display ad formats we’ve seen for years, enabling brands to seamlessly enter this arena with a captive audience who are looking to be engaged in a moment of boredom.

But with the resulting battle for airtime between brands and friends & family now well and truly underway, the challenge for both advertisers and Facebook will be to avoid content & message overload.