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Amazon Echo: Why tech is so in fashion right now

In an article for Internet Retailing our Head of Strategy, Tom Manning, has been discussing home assistants and how they have already started to change the way we interact with brands and make purchases. Tom states that it’s one of the most potentially significant evolutions in internet retail since m-commerce took off. However, there’s still a way to go before it threatens established ways of buying.

Early attempts to advertise on similar devices such as Google Home have been questionable, which included a Beauty and the Beast advert randomly being included in morning updates and a Burger King advert that activated Google Home to describe the Whopper burger as containing “rat meat.”

Our relationship with these devices is much more intimate than even a mobile, and it feels far too intrusive and forced to deliver advertising in this format. But for some reason our relationship with Amazon as a brand is completely different, and we expect them to sell to us. It’s the foundation of the business.