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Hannes Benn discusses China's Search and Social Platforms

Chief International Officer, Hannes Benn participated in a session for LUISAVIAROMA 3rd Fashion & Technology Summit. The discussion focussed on the complexities of digital advertising and marketing in China, particularly centred around what resources are available in China for digital marketers to make the most of the country’s search and social platforms. 

Your overarching strategies such as whether the focus should be brand awareness growth, ROI or share of voice, should be consistent across all markets regardless of platform. However, when talking about how to achieve your set of objectives, you have to diversify your approach.

In China, there are a unique set of products for brand keywords, namely Brand Zone (品牌专区) and Mini Brand Zone (品牌起跑线). Brand Zone exists across all three core engines, while Mini BrandZone—a more cost-effective product that allows for geographic targeting—is only available on Baidu.

Brand Zone is a combination of text, links, images and even videos covering a huge space at the top of the search engine result pages (SERPs). Only the brand itself can buy this product and, therefore, showing it will not only provide brands with high visibility, but also ensure they can be protected from unwanted results.