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Mobile is Now 51% of Total Display - IAB 2016 Report

In an article for Exchange Wire, Forward3D's Head of Paid Search, Wajid Ali, comments on The IAB UK and PwC2016 UK Digital Ad Spend Report. The report highlights that the vast majority of growth was driven by mobile, which saw a 50.8% increase year-on-year and accounted for a whopping 99% of all digital growth.

With paid search now accounting for nearly half (48%) of all digital ad spend, it is clear that brands are seeing the increased value of this investment. With the ongoing challenge of attributing quantifiable return on traditional display advertising, paid search continues to offer a solution for brands to gain tangible, yet scalable, ROI. The channel has started venturing into more complex audience-based strategies, whilst becoming more and more focused on structured data, and will no doubt continue to evolve to keep up with technology that consumers gravitate towards in the future.