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2017’s Biggest Advances in Data-Driven Marketing, and More

In an article for PerformanceIN, our Head of Strategy Tom Manning discusses the trials and tribulations of data driven marketing. Tom takes a look into the biggest data advances of the year, what he considers to be 'perfect' data and why we arent currently able to achieve this. He also touches on what he will be discussing in his talk at PerformanceIN Live later on this year. 

We feel the biggest advance in data-driven marketing this year was a relatively quiet announcement that YouTube, and then other Google services were moving away from cookies to track users across properties and devices by mapping other elements such as e-mail. Cookies currently have two major drawbacks; their lack of suitability for cross-device, and their unfair general perception of being ‘bad’ for users. The move away from a reliance on cookie based tracking, and diversifying potential tracking methods is a major step towards a more accurate deterministic cross-platform tracking solution.