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Google and AI: The Bid to End all Bids

In an article for PerformanceIN, our Head of Paid Search Wajid Ali, has been discussing how Google's use of AI and machine learning drives forward automated bidding strategies.

Google has never been a company to shy away from setting the pace of change. They tend to do this in two distinct ways, either by force to expedite an inevitable outcome or by enabling easier access emerging technologies that would otherwise be difficult to realise (for both consumers and businesses). The introduction of ‘Enhanced’ campaigns from 2014 remains a perfect example of the former, pushing businesses to rightfully accept the impending smartphone takeover, even if no one at the time was ready or convinced by it. Initiatives and services like ‘Feed Rules’ and ‘Campaign Translations’ are a great example of the latter, unlocking more opportunities for businesses to grow reach, which in turn keeps their own ad revenues steadily growing over time.