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Ignore Tencent's troubles - it's not game over yet

In a recent article for The Drum, Richard Brosgill our Head of APAC, discuses Tencent's recent $175bn loss in value and factors that may have contributed to it. The article explores why we shouldn't underestimate the business and how their future is likely to involve aggressive growth. 

For all the headlines looking at how this is a huge misfire for Tencent, we need to keep a sense of perspective. This is a company that’s bigger than Facebook and has still posted a strong revenue of $10.6bn in the last three months (compare and contrast with Twitter’s $711m in the same period). In fact, Tencent’s struggles look both bureaucratic and temporary, with daily active users on its mobile gaming apps up by double digits year-on-year, and gaming - while a significant part of Tencent’s business - being just one string to its many bows.