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A Behemoth's Birthday: Why We All Owe Google a Drink

In an article for ExchangeWire, Head of Organic Performance, Darren Fullerton reflects on the journey advertising giant Google has been on over the past 18 years.

Are we charging headlong into a world owned and controlled by Google as they gather our data and lock in our loyalty?

I don’t believe their ultimate aim is to rob us of our autonomy. There is much we can do today, better and faster, that would have been impossible 10, let alone 20, years ago. We may be nervous of sharing our data, but it’s that data that has made this possible.

As hard as it was to imagine a world with Google 18 years ago, it is just as hard to imagine what a world with Google will look like in the next 18. What is certain is that, today, it is impossible to imagine a world without Google at all.